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Estado de conservação: 9/10

    100 Watts em 8 ohms por canal
    200 Watts em 4 ohms por canal
  • MM/MC Phono Input
  • DIMENSÕES: 44cm x 45,3cm x 16,8cm (LxPxA)
  • PM-11S3 Integrated Amplifier

    Marantz SA-11S3 SACD/CD Player Product Shot
    • Integrated amplifier delivers flawless audio performance
    • Cutting-edge audio technologies ensure accurate sound reproduction
    • Phono, CD, and auxiliary ports for versatile connectivity
    • Supports multi-channel speaker systems
    • Remote control for easy volume and playback control

    Exclusive HDAM Technology Delivers Exceptional Dynamic Range
    Featuring separate phono and line level circuit boards, the PM-11S3 is equipped with our exclusive HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module) technologies, which provide superior low noise wide band performance in an all-discrete configuration, compared to conventional op amp ICs. The PM-11S3 incorporates no less than 40 HDAM SA3 latest generation modules, which feature ultra fast slew rate for true wideband response and maximum dynamic range, including multiple HDAM SA3 modules in the phono stage.

    Phono Input for Connections to Vinyl Record Players 
    The MM/MC phono section incorporates our latest Constant Current Feedback gain stage which features DC Servo equalization that eliminates the discontinuities in tonal balance caused by conventional RIAA equalization using ordinary dual band negative feedback topology, for the purest reproduction of your favorite vinyl recordings.

    Marantz PM-11S3 Integrated Amplifier Product Shot

    Robust Power Supply Supports Multiple Loudspeakers
    Rated at 100 watts per channel into 8 ohms, the PM-11S3 features an extremely robust power supply and comparably rugged power amplifier output stages that together provide incredible low impedance drive capability, with a power output of 200 watts per channel into 4 ohms, easily able to drive virtually any audiophile loudspeaker with stability and utmost fidelity. The power supply features a massive 950 VA toroidal transformer wound with OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) for maximum headroom and operational stability, securely anchored to the chassis via its own solid metal sub-mounting plate which eliminates the possibility of transformer-induced vibrations. Instead of a conventional bridge rectifier, the PM-11S3 incorporates fast response, high current Shottky barrier diodes, which provide faster switching and lower voltage drop for a more pure DC output.

    Marantz PM-11S3 Integrated Amplifier Product Shot

    Versatile Connectivity 
    The front end of the PM-11S3 provides maximum control and configuration flexibility, as it can be configured as a conventional stereo integrated amplifier, or set up with another PM-11S3 as a dual component four channel configuration for bi-amp operation, and it can also be paired with an A/V surround processor/pre-amp and used as a stereo power amplifier for the main left and right speakers in a home theater system via the Power Amp Direct inputs. Line level inputs feature unbalanced (RCA) and fully balanced XLR options for maximum connection flexibility.

    Intuitive Control Panel and Remote Control 
    Supplied with a newly designed remote control (which can also operate the matching Marantz Reference Series SA-11S3 SACD/CD player), the PM-11S3 features an all new digitally controlled analog volume control system, which provides the precision of tightly defined volume adjustment over the entire range with outstanding channel tracking (.5 dB) while keeping the audio information entirely in the analog domain.

    Equipped with our distinctive Reference Series front panel design, the PM-11S3 features an improved contrast, ultra low noise LCD display that provides information including volume level, channel balance, bass and treble control levels, selected source as well as attenuation level, which can be user-set for -20 dB, -40 dB or full mute.

    Marantz PM-11S3 Integrated Amplifier Product Shot

    Rugged, Durable Construction

    Weighing in at just under 59 pounds, the PM-11S3 features a new chassis design with beautiful casework that includes a new 5mm thick solid aluminum top panel for maximum chassis rigidity that allows additional components to be stacked on top. The chassis also features a dual layer bottom panel for additional strengthening, and all internal chassis surfaces are copper plated for maximum resistance to RF and electrically induced interference. Around back, the PM-11S3 is equipped with our newly designed reference grade multi-way speaker binding posts which feature pure copper contoured knobs for optimum connectivity with a wide variety of speaker cable terminations.

    Whether your music collection is analog, digital or both, the Marantz Reference Series PM-11S3 integrated stereo amplifier sets a new benchmark in audio fidelity, configuration flexibility and control convenience that preserves analog signal integrity. You'll discover new levels of musical listening pleasure with the PM-11S3 at the heart of your stereo music or multi-channel surround sound audio system.

    Marantz PM-11S3 Integrated Amplifier Product Shot

    What's in the Box 

    Marantz PM-11S3 Integrated Amplifier, remote control, and user's manual.

(20 Hz – 20 kHz simultaneous drive of both channels) 100W x 2 (8 ohms load) 200W x 2 (4 ohms load) Total frequency distortion: 0.01% Output band width (8 load, 0.05%) : 5Hz ~45kHz Frequency response (CD, 1W, 8 load): 5Hz ~ 120kHz±3dB Dumping factor (8 load, 20Hz – 20kHz): 100 Input sensitivity/Input impedance Phono (MC) : 260μV/100Ωohms Phono (MM) : 2.7mV/47kΩohms Balanced: 480mV/40kΩohms CD/Line: 240mV/20kΩohms P. Direct In: 1.7 V/20k ohms Output voltage/Output impedance Pre Out: 1.9 V/220Ω RIAA deviation (20Hz ~ 20kHz) : ±0.5dB S/N (IHF-A, 8 load) Phono (MC): 76dB (0.5mV input, 1 W output) Phono (MM): 88dB (5mV input, 1 W output) Balanced: 109dB (4V input, Rated output) CD/Line: 108dB (2V input, Rated output) Tone control Bass (50Hz): ±8dB Treble (20kHz): ±8dB General Power supply: AC 120 V, 60 Hz Power consumption: 300 W, 0.2 W (Standby) Dimensions (WHD): 17 3/8” x 6 5/8” x 17 7/8” Weight: 58.6 lbs 

Escala de classificação

Novo – Item lacrado na caixa.

Demo – Item tirado da caixa apenas para demonstração aos clientes pela equipe da HIFICLUB. Não foi utilizado ou manuseado por clientes. O item está em perfeito estado estético e de funcionamento. Não sofreu qualquer reparo ou modificação. Usado como demo pelo tempo máximo de 3 meses.

9/10 – Item praticamente novo e com pouco uso. Estado geral excelente. Item em perfeito funcionamento. Não sofreu qualquer reparo ou modificação.

8/10 – Item em muito bom estado. Numa vistoria minuciosa, é possível encontrar alguns detalhes estéticos, como sutis marcas de uso. Pode apresentar um pequeno risco, mas, nunca em áreas mais visíveis do item, como a parte da frente de um aparelho ou caixa de som.

7/10 – Item em bom estado. É, visivelmente, um item usado, porém, bem cuidado. Pode ter marcas ou riscos, no entanto, nunca em áreas mais visíveis.

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